It all started in an old bank building

The founders of Dutchland Frozen Foods

The account begins on October 28, 1992, when Dutchland Frozen Foods (then doing business as Wyhe’s Choice) of Lester, Iowa turned out their first batch of dough. At the time, the business founders, Wayne and Jennie Van Wyhe and their son Pete and his wife Susan, had no idea how successful their enterprise would eventually become. Today, with nearly 40 employees, a modern 14,000 square foot production facility, and the third generation working in the business, the Van Wyhes are ‘thankful to God that it has all turned out.’

The business opened in a former bank building on the main street of Lester, Iowa, which the Van Wyhe family renovated. A refrigerated truck trailer was added to the back of the building for freezer storage.

Family Dough Business is 'On the Rise'

Construction of the new production facility at Dutchland Frozen Foods

As the business continued to grow, the existing production facility was taxed to its limit. In July of 2003, a major 9,000 square-foot addition was opened which provides room for high-volume production equipment and cold storage, which can be accessed by fork lifts.

As production continued to expand, an opportunity to purchase a 2,400 Sq. Ft. addition became available. Construction began shortly thereafter to connect the addition to the current plant, making it accessible by forklifts.

This extra building capacity houses cold storage, dry storage, and an office area for personnel. This additional floor space brings our plant total to over 14,000 square feet, space which is required to efficiently manage day-to-day plant operations.


About Dutchland Frozen Foods - A Video History History of our beginnings and hopes for the future. scroll down and click play to begin!

A Video History History of our beginnings and hopes for the future. click play to begin!

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